BJX Chip Home Appliance Chips - Household Appliances Chips

Introduction of Home appliance industry:

BYD utilizes cutting-edge IGBT technology to offer a wide range of semiconductor chips suitable for various industrial and automotive applications such as general inverters, motor control, welding equipment, induction heating, solar energy inverters, and car chargers. These chips come with different configurations in terms of circuit structures, chip configurations, and current/voltage levels.
Moreover, BYD provides specialized semiconductor chips for the home appliances and household appliances market, including power management chips, motor control chips, and communication chips, designed for applications such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners.
All of these chips deliver high reliability, excellent performance, high efficiency, and long service life, providing the best trade-off between switching performance and conduction state, essential characteristics required for demanding applications.

Application Products:



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