Infineon and BYD IGBT technology dispute: Who wins the "Chinese chip" crown?

Electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies are developing rapidly, and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology has become a hot topic. Today, we are going to take you to find out which IGBT product of the two giants Infineon and BYD is better!

1 In-depth comparison of technical features
Infineon IKW40T120 series:
Core technology: Using TrenchStop and Fieldstop technology, suitable for 1200 V applications.
Performance advantages: low EMI, low gate charge, anti-parallel Emitter Controlled HE diode fast recovery, ensuring efficient energy conversion and stable performance.
Application areas: Suitable for frequency converters and uninterruptible power supplies to provide stable power supply for industrial applications.

Core technology: 1200V planar field stop technology ensures low switching losses and efficient performance.
Design highlights: Using FS4.0 chip, composite field termination technology design, optimizing electric field distribution, improving device reliability and switching performance.
Application fields: Widely used in electric vehicle air conditioning compressors, automotive PTC heating, general inverters and other fields, meeting the diverse needs of new energy vehicles and industrial applications.

2 BYD IGBT won the "China Chip" award
The atmosphere at Jinshan Software Park in Zhuhai High-tech Zone is warm, and the 2023 Qin-Zhuhai-Macao Integrated Circuit Industry Promotion Summit and the 18th "China Chip" Award Ceremony were held grandly. BYD Semiconductor's IGBT single transistor (BGN40Q120SD) for new energy vehicles won the 18th "China Chip" Outstanding Market Performance Product Award for its outstanding technology and market performance.

"China Chip" is the benchmark in the domestic integrated circuit field. This year's solicitation activity has collected registration materials from 285 chip companies and a total of 398 chip products, setting a new record high.

3 Conclusion
The IGBT products of Infineon and BYD each have their own characteristics, but BYD's products have received high recognition in the "China Chip" award, proving their outstanding performance in technology and market. For different application needs, consumers can choose the appropriate product according to their actual situation.

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